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Thursday, January 31, 2008


am i just unpopular in blogland? why the lack of commenting? (comments are really the only way i can tell someone is reading my blog and actually figure out who is reading it). me sad. :(

meanwhile, i've made some other things and my room is currently in re-decorating mode! i've put up a lot of pretty pics too (but i cant show you that part since i've used copyrighted images -- i know, i know, shame on me, but c'mon, i have no money and cannot afford to pay $20+ for an image that is essentially ink on paper). at least not now. i'll afford it when i'm better employed. as in, i'm not forking money over to university regents who get to make 6 figures and live happily ever after for doing nothing out of the ordinary. (i'm half sarcastic).

photos soon!


Anonymous said...


we are out here and loving your posts. BUT, it is january and we are busy bees.

we marvel at your dedication and over your projects. to think that you are doing this WHILE going to school is very, very well . . . ambitious and telling. listen to that. you are young and talented and have so much time to create all that you will in this lifetime. please don't abandon us. keep it up. remember, that it takes time to catch on. patience, young one. please.


Hally said...

Dear Shiri Me,

I am quite new to blogging and have just discovered your blog. I do like your sketches a lot and I am looking forward to seeing and reading more. So please, keep it up, we love reading what you are up to.
Love Hally