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Thursday, January 24, 2008


just popping in a quick hello, bonjour, hola, ni hao! hope everyone is doing well.

my classes began this wednesday (yesterday) and all is going just well. one of my sociology classes has a paper worth 60% of my grade! i nearly died of a heart attack as i flipped through the syllabus. it's cruel and unsual punishment and very unconstitutional. but.. what can i say? the guy's old (62!) and quite frankly, if i do well on this paper then i am pretty much set. with that said, i can't slack off on this paper, now can i?

anyhow, i have my asian american studies class at 5pm and as the first day i hope it does not run all the way to 8pm! ridiculous if you ask me. i'm likely to fall asleep.

meanwhile, i've made a couple of new things with kristen doran's (link on left side bar: cheeky beaks) mollybird fabric and i'm waiting on the lady bug and little owls fabric pieces i've recently purchased. and she just came out with a slightly new design called 'dandelion' and it's sold by the meter, not by the piece! it's quite close to the lady bug design so i think i'll wait another time to purchase more fabrics from her.

i think this weekend i'll stop by the local designer fabric store to purchase some new fabrics. i love mixing light weight cotton with the medium weight cottons/linens that i purchase online from my fave aussie textile designers! i need to start working soon so i can afford my hobbies and my hopefully soon to open mini "business". it's not really a business. more like... another hobby of mine. :)

pictures to come soon of my latest projects!

ps. has anyone found any US based textile designers who do hand screen printed work? the only US based designer that i know of thus far is yuko of patapri (link on left sidebar).

until next time...

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