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Friday, January 18, 2008

pictures are here!

So it just occurred to me last night as I was on the phone with my friend (the one who came back from a trip to Asia), that I do not have class on Tuesdays. With the MLK jr holiday on Monday and no class on Tuesday, I don't have to begin classes until Wednesday! That fact brightened me up a bit. Don't know about you, but no student (in their right minds if you ask me) looks forward to school (at least not the stringent academic part). Guess I'm not much of a student -- but what artist is?

Anyway... I've made a couple of things during my trip to Davis, CA (near the state capitol) but my battery needs to be charged. We'll save that for another entry.

Meanwhile, here are the long-awaited pictures of things I've made since the last entry of my projects.

I made a bunch of notebooks. Some as gifts and others I will be putting up in my shop once I get my act together and open one on etsy!

I made a few barrettes to test out my new hot glue gun and the flower petals I purchased. Might make a few to put in my future shop as well. Very cute for kids and adults!

Can't seem to remember where I got the "pattern" but made a child's dress in under an hour. Love it! Too bad it's not for me to wear.

Look, it's my Valentine bear to be buddies with Mr. Bear-bear (as seen in a previous entry). I think I'll name the Valentine bear Mr. Love. So... I present to you, Mr. Love and Mr. Bear-bear - lifelong friends. Perhaps I'll use up my scraps to make a few bears for the future shop too. Ideas, ideas.

For a PIF swap with Lesley, I received this neato notebook cover (holding a small rhodia notebook) made from Kristen Doran fabric. I'll post up pics of what I made for her once she receives the item so it won't spoil the surprise in case she reads this blog. :)

And here's a weird monster felt plush based on the monster stationery products by paperchase.

alrighty... until next time!

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