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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Sorry, no photos...

My best buddy will soon be back from his trip to Hong Kong and China (and Thailand apparently). I cannot wait to get his call and equally I cannot wait until we see each other, which should be soon as the spring semester is coming up next week. Yikes! I am not ready to leave the comforts of home for college again...

Meanwhile, with Lara having few shop updates lately, I've found a new love in Kristen Doran's fabrics. They're so lovely! The trouble with this is that all of these designers (that I have discovered on this blogosphere thus far) are located outside the United States, making shipping a pain in the butt and currency conversion sucks with the USD decreasing in value (I never thought I'd see the day when the USD is slipping away - haha). I have yet to find similar textile designers in the US - why is that? Am I not searching hard enough? Please let me know if there are similar designers (i.e. independent textile designers who sell fabric in reasonable prices) in the States!

I just adore handscreenprinted fabric. There's so much more substance than your typical fabric store fabric.

Ah well, call me a fabric snob. (I'm also a yarn snob too!). HAHAHA! :)

And I promise to upload new photos soon so you won't be bored reading this!

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Dre said...

Hi there;
I looked about and yes it seems harder to find a US fabric screen printer. but on etsy I found these shops§ion_id=5227488§ion_id=5107873

good luck and enjoy your friends return ♥