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Saturday, January 12, 2008

chinese rambling of no importance

i just though it would be fun to see if i could type in chinese characters on this blog. and it looks like i can! but in order to read it you'll have to have enabled chinese script on your own computer... i really need to refresh my memory as my chinese is fading away at a rapid speed. it was just this past summer that i had taken my second year of mandarin... well, what do you expect when you speak a completely different chinese dialect at home and what do you expect of your knowledge of chinese grammar when colloquial speech throws proper grammar out the window? oh well...

so here's a bunch of nonsensical chinese for you (for those who can see it):

translation: three people study (books). these three people also draw. these three people also run. three people have three friends.

haha. call it random early, EARLY in the morning craziness. it's 5 am pacific western time and i have yet to sleep. yikes!

anyway, this crazy random mix of words and sentences actually make me want to make some baby-related items. perhaps a baby book of sorts... or a collage... i don't know. there just isn't enough time in a day to do all the art and crafts i want to do. and my painting has been pushed aside for a few years now (ever since college took over my life), but i've lost the inspiration and will to paint. i need to find something to make me want to paint again.

crafting will have to do for now.

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karen said...

Hi. Thanks for leaving the lovely comment on my blog. I am glad I inspire you to embroider, who knows, one day you may have the time. You have achieved amazing things already if you can read/speak chinese!