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Friday, January 25, 2008

i like creativity, but...

It can be so overwhelming.

I love that I am interested and passionate about something and that all that I can think about is this something (being creative, in this case), but I really need to slow it down a bit and prioritize. As in, I really should get around to cleaning up my room a bit, start focusing on my classes and begin reading the assigned texts, etc etc.

Meanwhile, here are some snaps of my latest work.

The image above is my latest painting. It isn't all that great. I haven't done my best work in a long while, well, almost three years I'd say. When I stopped taking art lessons because of college.

These are the two "designs" I've been working on as mentioned last night. The mushroom flowers aren't too inspiring just yet. It's been so cold and rainy out that I haven't ventured into the garden to look at the mushroom flower that I had painted on our garden mural for a better likeness. But I do like the little houses.

I created these items using the molly bird fabric by kristen doran of cheeky beaks. They look lovely, dont they? But in trying to figure out what to do with them I realized it is kind of difficult to find other fabrics to mix with. But, I managed, as you can see. Made a notebook cover, a small tote (I think I'll make more of these in the future to sell), and a pouch using my "signature" band closure. I'm sure I'm not the first to make pouches that close like this but it's definitely something I've been doing and did not intentionally copy anyone. The orange fabric on the tote can from a tea towel by tikoli. Brown fabric from Jo-Ann's.

Using up my scraps of Lara Cameron's fabrics. Must replenish supply. Haha. It's now my knitting bag. The contents?

Like any crafter, I have a stash of just about everything. And I am a yarn lover. But with my expensive tastes, it's hard to know what to do with that cashmere yarn or virgin wool or merino wool. Mmmm... Was originally going to knit up a fun monkey backpack from the Stitch n Bitch books, but decided to use it on something more timeless -- like a blanket! I am impatient and like to feel like I'm making progress and I get bored of yarn really easily, so I decided to make it more "patchwork-y" and knit in blocks and use different colors and fibers and it's a great way to learn new stitch designs! (This project will take me 10 years! haha)

I think I'm going to do a quick painting using the house design as shown above. Will post pictures of that later.


pontos said...

I think your mushroom flowers will look just great, love the idea!
"Houses on a hill" look so cute! :)
Really like your sewings, the totes are great and the pouch looks really great!
Keep up the good work! :)

ShiriMe! said...

thank you tania for your comment. it makes me happy to know at least person appreciates my mushroom flowers. haha. :)

pontos said...

Yes, I really thought it was a good idea and expect to see them when they turn out more "inspiring" :)