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Saturday, January 12, 2008


So I have been a very lazy girl on the update front. I've been neglecting this blog and the virtual world in general. I couldn't get my laptop to receive wireless internet and as my ethernet cord can only go so far, I've been spending less time on this darn thing. Meaning, less time spent with my virtual friends. :(

Meanwhile, I've turned my parents' living room into a makeshift "studio". By studio I mean scraps of fabric are littered all over the couch, rolls and pieces of pretty paper on the couch seats and the coffee table. Bits of thread ends from the sewing machine all over the floor. Glue, scissors, bobbins, etc. everywhere! And of course the trash that results from the many projects I engage in.

This is why my parents must convert the spare bedroom/toolroom in the basement into a studio of sorts for me. (Though lighting is poor and sparse). My father did offer to put a table in the living room for me (don't know where he'll find the space) but it certainly beats the short coffee table! haha.

Anyhow, I'll post up pictures of my latest items soon as well as the two PIF's I received this week! I LOVE getting real mail. Who doesn't? (And please don't tell me if you don't.)

Have a great weekend.

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