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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Travelin' Rabbit

In my fervent quest to create my own animals, I have produced another lovely creature - Travelin' Rabbit.

Actually, it's so simple right now that it could be a rabbit or kangaroo (missing its pouch) or rat or any number of things.
Be on the look out for additional members of this wild kingdom. :)

PS. Isn't the vintage-inspired color combination gorgeous?

Friday, October 16, 2009

Masterpiece Rabbit

You know how you spend a lot of time trying to figure out what you're good at and what you could potentially make a living from? Or, at least, some pocket money, if not a real living. I've been trying out different artistic mediums all my life, more so in the last 2-3 years than in my 22 years of existence... but you know the story... artist since very young age.

I've always been one with many interests. I could no sooner choose one medium to stick to and make it my career than I could with food, politics, lifestyle, and all those important life details. Then I discovered -- stumbled upon more like -- Stephanie Congdon Barnes and... well... the rest is a temporal history. (At least until the next medium comes a-knockin'.)

I don't know if you've seen Stephanie Congdon Barnes's work but her animals and other items are gorgeous. Down to every detail she is brilliant beyond brilliant. If I could, I would purchase each and every one of her masterful creations and put it on display. Her work -- the attention to details, the intricacy, and her talent for hiding finished seam work -- is deserving of gallery/museum attention!

I'm just saying. The gal knows what she's doing and has been for a while. Nothing that great gets conjured up in minutes or hours.

And... if you're anything like myself, when you cannot afford something but really, really, really want it, you think to yourself: I'm not a shabby seamstress/artist, I've got a sewing machine, I know how to hand-sew, I've got the materials, I'm gonna make it myself!

Several hours later... The finished creation. I've sewed rabbits before (a total of two) and even attempted a teddy bear, but I must say, a person's skill can evolve so drastically. It certainly took me by surprise. A welcomed surprise.

The pattern-making took a good hour to figure out. Lots of sketching and tweaking and enlarging. Then the actual sewing took another 8 hours or so. I really surprised myself with this rabbit. My previous stuffed toy attempts were no where near in quality, craftsmanship and dedication.

It's amazing what you learn about yourself and your capabilities when you're forced to make something yourself.

Now I'm dreaming up animals galore! LINEN animals galore! I can't wait to get started with my own menagerie of sculpted/tailored animals.

Hostess Gifts For A Friend

Earlier last month I stayed with a friend while visiting Madrid. I had planned on having some hostess gifts prepared before visiting, but, as has been the trend lately, I didn't get myself organized. So... it was only until a little more than a month after returning to the states that I've gotten around to making a few things to say "Thanks". Call me timely.

I didn't know what she needed or would use, so I made some things that most anyone would enjoy. Practical. Pretty. Simple to make.

For my friend, I made a set of coasters using gorgeous scraps of oilcloth (easy to clean and fairly durable... I mean, what damage could a cup do to it?).
I also made up a set of mismatched (though the colors kind of match, right?) cocktail napkins from leftover scraps of fabric in my fabric stash.

AND, I sewed up a tea towel/dish rag using an extra piece of this toile fabric I bought from etsy.

All in all, I think it's a pretty nice gift. The colors and patterns make for a bright and cheerful gift! Great for Spain!

Many apologies for the blurry photographs!