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Friday, October 16, 2009

Hostess Gifts For A Friend

Earlier last month I stayed with a friend while visiting Madrid. I had planned on having some hostess gifts prepared before visiting, but, as has been the trend lately, I didn't get myself organized. So... it was only until a little more than a month after returning to the states that I've gotten around to making a few things to say "Thanks". Call me timely.

I didn't know what she needed or would use, so I made some things that most anyone would enjoy. Practical. Pretty. Simple to make.

For my friend, I made a set of coasters using gorgeous scraps of oilcloth (easy to clean and fairly durable... I mean, what damage could a cup do to it?).
I also made up a set of mismatched (though the colors kind of match, right?) cocktail napkins from leftover scraps of fabric in my fabric stash.

AND, I sewed up a tea towel/dish rag using an extra piece of this toile fabric I bought from etsy.

All in all, I think it's a pretty nice gift. The colors and patterns make for a bright and cheerful gift! Great for Spain!

Many apologies for the blurry photographs!

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