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Sunday, February 3, 2008


still in re-decorating mode, mainly my "office" space, which is basically my writing desk. every other part of my room is pretty much redecorated. now, on to tackling the mess i've left behind, for the reason that i have no storage space. just lots of empty floor space. i guess you could call my room my storage area. haha. one big box, right?

i think, to work around the fact that i've used copyrighted images, i'm going to just make the pictures really small or else blur it out a bit. so no one will recognize the images but you can see how i've decorated my room. (i promise, once i have a real job, i'll make it up to the folks by buying their work -- scout's honor).

meanwhile, i've moved on to a different book binding - the japanese style. i don't know what it's called because, typical me, i don't research anything and i never try too hard to learn anything the proper way because i'd much rather do it my way. *takes a breath* that was a long sentence.

once i clean up a bit i'll take pictures of my latest projects and of my room too and post it up. hopefully that'll be soon. like, this week. in fact, i'd prefer in the next couple of days.

i don't know about you but i can't work in a cluttered room. i need my own space. in fact, i had to rearrange my furniture for better fengshui, chi, aura, what have you because i work on my bed a lot and it was getting closed in in the previous arrangement.

anywho, i have a 9am class tomorrow and since i can't seem to get there on time, i'm going to try and sleep on time tonight.


ps. msk - thanks. i know i have another 10 years to go. your own life story keeps me going.

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