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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Still here, alive and well

I have not abandoned you my dear readers. Alas, my university life has taken over me.

I did not seriously think taking 18 units (5 more than my usual comfortable 13) would be such a strain on my schedule. But add that with 5 hours of workshift (chores, essentially) at the cooperative house I live in AND the few hours I put in babysitting and helping out a man with a disability is well, a bit over the edge. I have problems with time-management as it is. But who knew I'd be away from the comforts of my room so often?

I am really accustomed to a shorter class schedule that allows me many leisure hours to nap and watch tv and eat and just squander aimlessly. Today is a typical day for me now. Up at 8-ish, get dressed, do the dishes, get to class, quick lunch if there's time, work after, do dishes again (dinner dishes are the worst - house of 40 women, who like to cook!), too tired to do the reading necessary to keep up with the lectures and/or any homework assignments.

This week I have the pleasure of composing THREE papers. I have never had three papers due at once. Granted, they are of varying lengths from really short to somewhat long. So it's not like I have three term papers due. Haha. And this week I am helping out a mother whom I babysat for last semester. She just had a new baby and he is about 3 weeks old. Now I get to say the youngest child I've helped with was 3 weeks old. Though my previous record of 4 months was still not bad. Parents seem to trust their children in your care a lot more if you can say you've spent a substantial amount of time with a really small child. For some folks, 2 years is still quite small. Well, now, I think 3 weeks is even smaller! (er.. younger).

But I digress.

President's Day is coming up. No classes on Monday. And one professor unofficially (hush-hush) canceled our Friday lecture. So, I ought to have some time to do a proper crafty update. And maybe get around to opening shop. Very little to add though. Must find time to produce! craft! make!


Have a happy week! And here's to an early Valentine's day. Not a believer myself but I do enjoy a day dedicated to love, not Hallmark.

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Sally said...

Oh! I just noticed you sometimes use caps! =D