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Thursday, February 7, 2008

to tide you over...

here is a glimpse of my WIP (work in progress)...

notebooks made with a type of japanese-inspired binding. been experimenting with softcover notebooks that contain fewer than normal page numbers and bind with silk ribbons. right now it's still in the "looks-like-a-kid-made-it" phase. until i perfect my technique, you won't be seeing these bad boys on sale... hee hee.

meanwhile, i am working on getting my shop started. so stay tuned for that. hopefully it'll be up later today. i've had a long day and am too darn tired to upload all those photos for each and every listing. haha.


marsha said...

oooh, i love the middle one! it's so meeeeeeee.... :) i simply love sakuras and blue/brown colour combinations are my fave! great job!

here's wishing you and your loved ones and very happy lunar new year! welcome to the year of the rat! :)

Dre said...

i love the binding of the middle book, so very pretty!♥

ps I tagged you in my blog