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Monday, May 18, 2009

Travels in my head

I have a long vacation coming up. Two, actually. First China, then the east coast (Providence, Boston, New York and Connecticut). Next year, I would like to expand my east coast trip to include such places as Pennsylvania, Maine, Washington DC, and who knows what else? I really cannot wait. It will be a long overdue vacation. From the studies of my life.

No one can spend almost two decades in school without ever taking a break. And the summer breaks enforced by the public school system is just simply not enough! :)

But, in the back of my mind, I'm already planning additional trips. Long sojourns really. Two, three month types. I'm not sure which boss will allow an employee to be gone for such a long time... but I reckon I'll need to find a job that will let me accumulate my vacation days or will simply let me go and just not get paid. That, or I find a temporary job or wait until I'm between jobs. We'll see.

Where to, you ask? All over Europe. ALL OVER.

A former housemate -- from my college days not long ago -- just returned from a semester abroad in Copenhagan. Then, she spent three months afterwards traveling Eastern Europe. On her own, I might add. No real planning and just staying with strangers for free. Sounds like an exhilarating adventure!

I, myself, am a self-proclaimed stubborn planner. Can't go anywhere without some kind of plan, however vague or complicated. Need one. And maps. Whether it's a general map in my head or the real kind that you hold out. Or even the scratchy kind I drew. Need some kind of picture. To guide me, y'know. Not that I would ever dare get lost. Maybe for a minute.

So. In my mind, I'll be traveling everywhere. I've always been fascinated with Italy and sometimes France (no snootiness, please) and Spain (sometimes, not always). And England would be easy because they speak English too! Though different and with an accent. And lately I've been mesmerized with Scandinavia -- Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, did I miss anything? But mostly Denmark and Sweden. We had a foreign exchange student from Sweden who lived with us! So I'll have a contact there. (Actually, we also had a foreign exchange student from England... but that was a while back). Though the movies have turned me scared to the idea of traveling to Eastern Europe, I'm now resolved to at least try and visit some parts. Especially now that my friend has arrived safe and sound and had little to worry about, though she, a young pretty woman, traveled on her own.

I'd also like to visit Austria and maybe Switzerland. Is that part of Eastern Europe? Oh! And I can't forget about Greece.

So maybe I won't be able to visit all of these places at the same time. I'll definitely find my way there. Somehow. Sometime. I will. Perhaps I'll spend two weeks here during one year and two weeks there on another year. I'll get there one way or another. And on a steep budget! :)

I have a growing collection of travel books and language guides.

*Sigh* In my mind, I am traveling all the time.

Where do you like to travel in your head?

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