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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

let's all be brilliant and bright!

one paper done, two more to go and don't forget the quiz!

i just finished a quick-ish sketch of some beautiful old-timey ethnic-like lamps. will definitely have to look into doing something with the image. it's just oh so scrumptious. (the lamps are based off some images from the anthropologie catalog for this spring).

i've also made a few new things (new to me anyway) and i think it's fab-o-luss!

don't mean to be a tease, but will share those photos soon. perhaps next week? (when my last paper, for now, is completed and turned in). i promise. i swear. i mean it. :)

ta ta ladies (and gents)!

blogger is being dumb so no photos after all.... maybe later i can upload it when blogger decides to cooperate.


pontos said...


love the lamps, really amazing! :P
Good luck with your paper and happy birthday - a bit late!

P.S..Did you got my postcard?

Dre said...

I love your lamp sketches and the little lightbulb with the pull string at the end is so cute made me smile!
can't wait to see the rest of your pictures♥

marsha said...

i'm a lamp-o-holic! i love looking at various kinds of lamps ... so this post particularly appealed to me! great drawing!

ShiriMe! said...

thank you all for your comments. i've been struggling with finding something that i enjoy visually and make it my own. that's the problem i find with art. i can do a lot of things but it doesn't always complement my interests. these lamps just spoke to me. perhaps i'll do more sketches! who knew one could find inspiration in a clothing catalog?