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Monday, April 21, 2008

meet my bunny; winners; MY SHOP's OPENING

I've finally got my act together and opened my new shop at etsy! Please do hop on over and check it out. And, please, by all means purchase up the lovely note cards if you are so inclined. :D Please leave feedback! :) I am so excited and happy to have finally opened shop.

- - - - -

i forgot what name i gave this bunny... so for now, it's just bunny. :)

i don't like bunny's long arms... it's almost freakish. but whatev... it's my creation, so therefore i must love it unconditionally...

and for the drawing... since there were only four comments, it wasn't too difficult to draw two names. haha. using a random number generator, dre and tania are the winners. i'll get your cards out to you soon (and soon can mean this week or next week or even later... haha).

dre, email me your address so i can get that to you soon.


pontos said...

Eia, I finally won something! I´m happy! :)

Really love the bunny and guessed right the one made by you! The arms are really a bit big and the feet a bit small, but the ears look amazing! Great work!

ShiriMe! said...

thanks. the feet are meant to be small as i was emulating the bunny next to it and the arms are long cuz i wanna it that way. i'll be making more of these bunnies to be sold hopefully and they're not gonna look the same. i think differences are important. :)

avie said...

yep! any box of stationery personalized or not will come with labels. thanks!

Anonymous said...

may i say a belated thank you here, ms shiri? love the little cards. love the packaging. you DO make it all look great. now, to decide WHO gets the honor of receiving one!