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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

card-testing + giveaway

Boy, do I love packaging things up nicely! If my job were to design packaging materials and to put together packages done up nicely, I'd be a happy gal. I sometimes find more fun in wrapping presents and putting together little packages than making the things themselves. Are there folks out there who share the same sentiments?

Cutting to the chase, I just printed out a test batch of my lantern cards with my trusty old hp inkjet printer - sorry, no fancy schmancy digital art printer. Below are some photographs featuring the stylish 'do of my test batch cards. Tell me whatcha think cuz your opinions (at least on this matter) do matter!

And, of course, with every test batch there are some kinks and some wonks and some funky stuff going on. In other words, not all the cards were printed out perfectly. Darn printer for wasting good paper and ink! Hmmph! But you, my dears, get to benefit from the icky printing problems. I am giving away two sets of my test batch cards - one of each color with matching envelopes (the matching is up to you). The only major glitch in the cards is the blurry printing on one of the lamps on the papaya colored card.

Cards are printed using Paper Source cardstock, in chartreuse and papaya, with matching envelopes of the same source, in pool and strawberry. How you mix and match is up to you! I'm no dictator here.

The giveaway will be open through until the end of this week (meaning Sunday, 11:59pm Pacific Western Time, cuz I'm on the west coast of the americas). (I needa go buy some stamps... sheesh.) Please leave a comment on this post only. Two names will be drawn in whatever method I choose. May be random, may be not. And please, comment! It's free stuff! :) (Friends and relatives are allowed to participate too. The more the merrier!)

Psst... I finally took some photos of my latest projects. Will upload that later this week. Yay for visuals!


Dre said...

Oh those are soo cute! I love you color choices!

I love your ramblings!♥

pontos said...

Free stuff? Here I am! :P
The cards turn out reeeeeeeally great, good work.
The blurry print only gives it an extra value, they are unique, right?
Hope I´m lucky! :P

ShiriMe! said...

hi dre and tania,

thanks for commenting! if no one else comments by the end of this week... well.. no need to draw names, right? haha.

tania - could you resend me your address so i can ship you the pif package?

Kaija said...

Well, here I am :) You get to draw some names after all!

I too love to package things nicely! I occasionally wrap my Etsy orders ridiculously pretty, but I try not to over do it every time :)

l.y. said...

Hey Shirley, thanks for the of my trip are on my flickr page. Was too lazy to lay them out nicely in the blog :)