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Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Somebody, anybody, tell me: is Thanksgiving a holiday known (not necessarily celebrated since it's so rooted in American history) throughout the world? Just curious.

I am back home for the Thanksgiving holiday and am enjoying some time off (mental time anyway) from school -- despite impending doom of research paper. Yikes!

I think, for my latest project, I am going to make cute girly barrettes. My dad is taking me out shopping later today (I have so many coupons to use!) and I will drop by our nearest Jo-Ann's. I prefer going to an art store but this fabric and artsy crafty store will have to suffice. Will show pictures soon!

That reminds me... I need to purchase a hot glue gun... :)

Rest, rest, rest and shop, shop, shop!


Kaija said...

nope, no thanksgiving here! :)

I hope it stays that way, as way too many American occasions have taken over our year. At least we have Juhannus, the mid-summer fest, which is about as Finnish as it can get (all right, Swedes have it too, and I guess other Scandinavian countries too).

Kaija said...

Of course I managed to forget why I came here!

Thank you for the lovely notebook you sent me! I'm so envious, you have all kinds of fancy papers in the States. I'll be posting pictures of it in my blog any day now.

Sarah said...

I know about Thanksgiving here in the UK, but that could be because of reading the blogs of Americans! I think it is know about generally :)

Have fun with the glue gun...

Anonymous said...

refer to "beyond the fields we know" a beautiful blog detailing the history/relevance of thanksgiving and much much more1