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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Prettiness for my eyes

Hello everyone,

Many apologies for not being on my blog lately. I have had some family things to deal with -- we've recently "lost" our paternal grandfather and with finals and term papers due as well, it has been hectic, to say the least. I will return messages from my previous post soon, so please bear with me! And thank you Kaija for posting photos of the little notebook I made for you. I hope you enjoy it.

Meanwhile, I've been snooping around blog-land and etsy for goodies to purchase for myself... and I am in love with these cute, bright objects.

Here's a pretty birdie print from joom

As well as a really lovely pillow. They have so many lovely prints! I wish they printed fabric!

I really, really want this duvet and sham set from patapri! Wish someone could get these for me... ;)

marta from m.writes wrote such a lovely post about letterpressed calendars. It would be just lovely if I could afford them all! But what does a girl need with more than 1 calendar? especially one that I can't even write notes in (now those I need more of). but I did have just enough money leftover from eBay sales to purchase this calendar (the rest were unfortunately above my range as a college student):

you can find ilee's stuff here.

A long while back, Lara posted some photos of goodies that arrived in her mail and this print was one of them. I loved it so much that I want one too! But no money so I'll have to wait until I babysit some more and than deposit straight away to the bank! :) :) :)

synesthesia by green chair press

With school and work and family, it will be quite some time before I get the chance to make more goodies to show. Do not fret, I am waiting on some .jpeg photos from my sister who helped scan and photoshop some doodles I made recently at a house council one night. It's a typical Shirley doodle of grass and flowers, but I'm looking to printing them into notepads and sheets of notebook paper. Obviously, I am working on limited equipment and have only my hands and a computer printer but PaperSource sells this adhesive (PVA = polyvinyl acetate) that's good for making notepads. Who knows? Maybe my winter fairies will supply me with the funds to purchase some tools and supplies to make professional-quality products! In the meantime... we'll all have to make do with what we've got. Now, isn't that true?

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