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Thursday, November 8, 2007

eye candy!

a scarf two years in the making... there just isn't ever any time in a student's life for knitting...

the best attempt at photographing earrings i made. my favoritist pair!

my halloween costume: can you guess who i am?

artwork for a possible holiday card... not sure how i'll go about that. might just print off my printer and send to family and friends...

a cushion made with lara cameron's fabric!

you can sort of make out the purse and notebook cover i made - i just adore lara's fabric!

another cushion. the orange fabric is actually made out of a tea towel by tikoli but what am i going to do with a tea towel? haha

the inside flap of the notebook cover that won't fit any book i have... um... yes...

i created another fun cushion today when both packages of fabric came by post. will put up pictures of that once i get around to it. i love love love it! i was cautious and decided not to buy much but now i feel like i can be a bit more adventurous and trust that i'll like whatever i buy. i bought a yard of fabric by joel dewberry (i know nothing about fabric designers) as well as some japanese fabric by etsuko something or other...

anywho, enjoy the eye candy. don't drool now!

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