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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

another fave site

I found this site while site hopping and i love the bags and the fabrics they use. makes me want to draw my own birdies. i'm still in the process of trying to create a few simple images and transfer them into cards. might use moo to print them or some other service to print my own cards to see how they'd turn out. i certainly can't afford to go to a publisher or big printing company. gotta do it the cheapo d-i-y upload a photo to a photo website kind of thing. haha.

Anyway the website i'm referring to is Prickly Pear. They have a lot of really nice handmade totes and bags and pouches. It's really neat. You can visit them here:

I'll have to take some pictures of the notebooks I made this past month.

Now how does a girl get some foot traffic into her site so she doesn't feel so lonely?


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Sally said...

Post a link everywhere! From Facebook to Xanga to AIM to any other place you use.