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Monday, November 17, 2008

4-5 weeks of school to go!

I am poorly neglecting my blog and have lost my readers, but I will soon be able to devote lots of time to my crafting and art-making/-doing and blogging! My camera battery died and my charger is back home so I shall have to borrow a friend's camera to take pictures of my latest work.

I have a design that I am hoping to turn into a paper-cut and possible screen print mini poster. Will definitely take pics of the sketch in progress! It'll need lots of work!

Meanwhile, I've discovered the fun-ness of snap buttons and have been experimenting with wallet-making. I know that there are already lots of wallet makers on etsy and elsewhere on the Internet, but I've enjoyed making mine as my store bought wallet was breaking at the seams! I am embarrassed each time I take it out to pay for a purchase.

Until next time...

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