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Thursday, September 4, 2008

It's way too hot!!!!!

School's already started. Almost two weeks to be exact-ish. The weather went from cold summer to hot, hot, hot fall. what's up with that? Global warming, I'll just blame it on you. (and my ignorance of weather-ness).

I'm still quite alive, miserably so. Given my schedule, do not know when I'll be back and updating regularly. If you've noticed, I've also commented less on the blogs I typically visit. Sorry... I still read it though!

I did make a cool little book bag for myself after reading skinny laminx's blog post about bags. I so have to take pictures as I'm quite proud of it and have been putting it to abusive use!

I'm almost done with the print art I've been working on. I'm almost done carving out the rubber stamp and just need to mix some paint for it. Cannot wait! I've also got some little screen printed card samplers (nothing fancy) that I've been meaning to post about and add to my shop. But, alas, folks, I've been too busy with school and the cooperative house and my managerial position in the house... and soon to add volunteering to do anything crafty related. Well.. I still craft, but not sharing it. Many many heartfelt apologies.

Now if the darn weather would just give me a breeze I'd be almost content. And maybe turned down the heat a few notches. Not asking much. I just don't want to walk around campus like I'm in the middle of a dehydrated heat stroke!

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