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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

i'm here!

it seems i've been neglecting my little blog here.

finals and then a quick trip to new york occupied much of my time. i am happy to say i had a fun time in new york, got to see a bit of brooklyn and even walked across the brooklyn bridge! (it's a different experience compared to walking to golden gate bridge over here in the bay area). AND i passed a pass/fail class, received one A- and two A's! yay! still waiting on one more class. hopefully an A too.

i started the first day of summer school yesterday and will be starting my internship in two weeks' time. so busy busy busy. however will i find the time to make things for my shop?

1 comment:

avie said...


I do often have designs that are not shown in the shop but in the sold area.

As for the bright stripes, I am waiting for an order for the printer which will be back within the week.

Since I do have them printed in bulk and then I put them together, the colors on the stationery cannot be changed, all other items can be.